Symptoms of OSA

Sleep apnea affects 5-10% of adults in the United States, though a majority of sufferers go undiagnosed. Potentially dangerous symptoms, such as snoring, are often overlooked.

Untreated sleep apnea is associated with a number of health risks, so it’s important to consult a sleep specialist if you experience the following signs and symptoms:

Nighttime symptoms

Loud persistent snoring

Witnessed pauses
in breathing

Choking or gasping
for air during sleep


Frequent visits to the bathroom

Daytime symptoms

Early morning headaches

daytime fatigue


Depression or

Sleepiness during routine activities

How is OSA diagnosed?

If you suspect, you have OSA speak to your doctor. Your doctor can refer you for a sleep evaluation. Breathing and the amount of oxygen in your blood are measured during the study. The sleep evaluation may occur in a sleep center or at your home.

Sleep Center – This type of sleep study is usually performed in a public hospital sleep laboratory or a private sleep lab.Specially trained technicians use highly sensitive equipment to monitor you as you sleep.
Home Study – This type of sleep study can be conducted int he comfort of your home. Trained technicians educate you on using equipment at home.

Results from the study are interpreted by board certified sleep physicians who will make recommendations for treatment.


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