1How long will I have to use this therapy?
This is a very common question. As CPAP therapy is a treatment for sleep apnea and not a cure it means you will have to use it for the rest of your life. Sleeping without CPAP will cause symptoms to return.
2How many hours do I need to use my CPAP each night?
You should use your CPAP whenever you sleep, for as long as possible. It is important to even use your CPAP while napping during the day.
3Where should I put my CPAP?
It is best to place the CPAP machine on your nightstand next to the side of the bed you sleep on.
4When should I not use my CPAP therapy?
While it is recommended that you use your CPAP all the time, there are some times it is not possible. Most doctors will recommend that you not use therapy when you have a sinus cold or sinus congestion. The air pressure can cause sinus and ear discomfort.
5Do I have to replace any of parts on my CPAP?
You will need to replace the air filter, chamber and tube on your CPAP periodically. Check your user manual to see how often. If you live in a house that is dusty, have an animal that sheds or if someone smokes then you may need to change the filter more often.
6Is it ok to use tap water once in a while?
Yes, tap water is ok to use if you run out of distilled.
7How often should I replace my mask?
Mask systems wear differently according to how well they are cared for and the skin type of the person wearing them. People with oily skin tend to need mask replacements more often. It’s a good idea to check with your insurance company to see how often you are eligible for a new mask system, most carriers replace masks for their clients every 6 months.
8Water is accumulating in my CPAP tube ? Solutions
When the temperature drops in the fall and winter time, many patients will experience water condensation in their tubing and masks. The air from the CPAP is heated by the humidifier and is warmer compared to the outside room temperature. As a result, condensation builds up inside the tubing and sometimes in the mask as well. When air blows through the wet tubing, it creates a gurgling sound.

Lower the humidity settings on your humidifier
Insulate your tubing with a tube cover or keep it underneath your covers
Increase the temperature in the bedroom
Use a heated breathing tube
9What relationship does Inspire Sleep have with your insurance company?
Inspire Sleep does not have a relationship with any insurance company. Your insurance company works for you and you alone. The insurance company will not provide any details about your policy to Inspire Sleep because of their confidentiality policies.
10What is the warranty on my CPAP machine?
Each CPAP machine comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Inspire Sleep automatically extends the warranty to 5 years if all required maintenance (filter, tube, chamber replacements) and mask replacements (every 6 months) are followed.

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