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Elevate Your Sleep Quality with a Modern CPAP MachineSelecting the Best CPAP Machine for Your Sleep Needs

Modern CPAP machines are greatly improved over the bulky units used in the past. Those outdated machines can ruin the ambience in a bedroom just by sitting on the nightstand, and they aren't as easy to use or clean as the leading CPAP machines on the market today.

Our goal is to improve your quality of sleep by providing a free at-home sleep test and responsive services from a compassionate team of sleep experts. We can connect you with leading CPAP machines at reasonable prices, and we will guide you in selecting the best machine for your individual needs. What works well for one person may not work out for another, and we can provide professional insight that helps you get the right CPAP machine the first time around.

How are the modern CPAP machines we offer today better than the old CPAP machine you may have used in years past? It comes down to modern designs and enhanced features like the following:

  • Automatic pressure adjustments based on your breathing
  • Color display screens
  • Large, easy-to-read screens
  • Bluetooth
  • Compact units
  • Sleek, elegant appearance
  • FAA-approved designs for easy travel
  • USB charging ports
  • Built-in heated humidifier

Not all CPAP machines will come with all of these features, and you may not need or want it all. Our professionals are here to answer your questions and help you identify the right CPAP machine for your sleep needs.

Full-Sized & Travel CPAP Machines from Experienced Sleep ExpertsBenefits of Modern CPAP Machines

Why should you consider trading your older CPAP machine in for an updated machine? Start with the fact that most modern CPAP machines are more effective at managing your sleep. They ensure a higher quality of sleep every night by automatically adjusting the pressure, depending on your real-time breathing. Older CPAP machines provide one continuous pressure throughout the night, but your pressure needs may change.

You may also enjoy the more discreet design of today's CPAP machines. They're more compact and look a lot like other electronic devices that you may sit on a nightstand. That allows them to blend into the bedroom décor rather than sticking out.


CPAP Accessories & CPAP Machines from Brands You Can TrustHow to Clean Your CPAP Machine

The CPAP machines on the market today are also easier to use and much easier to clean. You should receive directions for cleaning the CPAP machine you choose to use, but mild soap and water is all you need to clean most machines. Simply disconnect the tubing, mask, and humidifier tub and then break the mask down into frame, cushion, and headgear.

Wash the mask cushion, mask headgear, tubing, and humidifier tub with soap and warm water. Make sure the soap is mild because you don't want to damage the components of your CPAP machine or leave a harsh residue that contaminates your machine. Only use clean water that you would drink.

Once a week, you should do a deep soak for your humidifier tub. Use an equal mix of vinegar and water, and then allow it to soak for up to 20 minutes.

Why Choose Inspire Sleep?

Inspire Sleep provides comprehensive sleep services. Our goal is to improve your quality of life by enhancing your quality of sleep. We offer the following for all of our CPAP patients:

  • Best prices and packages for the leading CPAP accessories, supplies, and machines
  • Full selection of CPAP machines, parts, and accessories, including nasal masks, nasal pillow masks, and full-face masks
  • Insurance experts to maximize your coverage

Our CPAP machines start at just $800, and we guarantee our prices are the lowest available today. We offer only the best CPAP machines from leading brands like F&P and Philips Respironics. From full-sized CPAP machines to travel CPAP machines, we have options suitable for every lifestyle.

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